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Hitachi and MemoRight SSD updated
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01/29/2013 – Thecus® announces the SSD segment. Thecus® is constantly providing the most updated HDD/SSD on the market to pair with Thecus® NAS. Thecus® has been hard at work keeping its compatibility lists ahead of the market and has added a number of new compatible hard drives for a number of different NAS.

For N8900 / N8900V / N12000 / N12000V / N16000 / N16000V / W8900 / W12000 / W16000:

· Added Hitachi Ultrastar 200/400GB SSD and MemoRight Commercial Series 60/120/240/480GB SSD:

For N7700SAS / N8800SAS:

· Added Hitachi Ultrastar SSD: 200/400GB

For N6850 / N8850 / N10850 / N4200 / N4200Eco / N4200PRO / 1U42XXX / N22XXX / N5200XXX / N8200XXX / N2800 / N4800 / N4800Eco / N5550 / N7510 / N4100PRO / N7700 / N7700SAS / N8800 / N8800SAS / N2200EVO / N4100EVO / N4100PRO:

· Added MemoRight Commercial Series SSD: 60/120/240/480GB

Please check that your NAS is upgraded to the latest firmware version.

Download the latest firmware here:

About Thecus®
Thecus Technology Corp. specializes in Network Attached Storage and Network Video Recorder solutions. Established in 2004 with the mission of making technology that is both intuitive and ground-breaking, Thecus offers products designed to appeal to both advanced and novice users. By combining a world-class storage R&D team with a commitment to customer satisfaction, Thecus is able to adapt to the market with its innovative NAS and NVR and fulfill the storage and surveillance needs of today’s world.

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