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Twonky app makes streaming from NAS to DLNA devices easy
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01/17/2013- Twonky has a mission to make sharing and access of media files something simple and fun. Already making your TV, stereo, computer, NAS and other DLNA devices part of one simple network with shared media files, Twonky has achieved to make the whole process of selecting and choosing where to play your desired files easier. With the Twonky Beam application for iOS and Android devices, your media files and all your DLNA devices are now at the palm of your hand.

Twonky Beam

The Twonky Beam application enables your smartphone or tablet to become a complete media controller. With this free app, you'll have access to media content from the internet or from your stored libraries and will be able to decide to stream it through whichever DLNA device connected on your network. Let's see how Twonky Beam can access your NAS stored media files and stream them across your network.

After you open the application, you will be given the option to either browse the internet and personally search for media content to beam (to your TV for example), go to shortcuts for websites with “beamable” content or to tap the top right corner of the screen and enter the My Media library. The My Media library lists all of the DLNA and uPnP connected device to the same network the phone/tablet is on. From there you can find your NAS device which is loaded with tones of videos, hours of music and all your good memories in picture format. From there, choose which content you wish to play and you'll be prompt with a list of options. These options are the available device that can play your selected file. Select the desired one and “Voila!” your media file is display on your selected device. As simple as that!

All Thecus NAS are delivered with a free Twonky media license which renders your NAS multimedia content to be easily accessible by your DLNA devices.

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