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"The N5200 is a sophisticated piece of hardware"
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06/02/2008SMBs need a compact, feature rich storage device that can store, secure, and share their precious data. To address this crowd, Thecus Technology has created the N5200 PRO, a five-bay NAS device that can handle the needs of today's SMBs. APC Magazine recently put the N5200 PRO to the test, and discovered that it is indeed "a sophisticated piece of hardware"!

Installation of the N5200 PRO is a piece of cake: "Installing drives to the N5200 is straight-forward. Simply flip a lever on one of the disk caddies and attach the drive in with the supplied screws. The caddies slide into N5200 easily and there's no wriggling or force needed to connect the drives. The drives can be secured as the caddies can be locked."

If it's performance you're after, look no further: "Performance-wise the N5200 didn't disappoint. We copied a 350MB video file to the array from our Windows Vista system to a mapped share and it was across in just a few seconds. To really test the drive, we played the video on our Windows and Mac systems simultaneously, skipping forward to different parts of the movie. It didn't miss a beat."

Some value-added extras that are especially useful for SMBs: "As well as the gigabit ethernet connection, the N5200 sports a pair of USB ports for either sharing other, external disks or printers. To top things of, the N5200 has a RS232 port so it can be connected to and operate with a UPS and there are power management settings that will power the N5200 on and off at specific times. Used in a small office, you can schedule the device to turn off outside of work hours and turn on when the workday starts."

The conclusion from APC: "There's plenty to like about the Thecus N5200. It's easy to set up, it offers plenty of options and performs well."

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