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12/18/2012 If you're an IT fanatic who likes to follow what's new and likes to read about honest and professional reviews, you most likely have Tom's Hardware's link saved in your browser's favorite section. Offered in many languages, Tom's Hardware is THE professional online media of the IT world. Recently, the German team at Tom's Hardware had the smallest of the Top Tower series from Thecus®, the N6850, in their labs for thorough testing. Equipped with an Intel® Pentium® G620, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and an impressive connectivity, the 6-bay NAS did quite well.

“Not only the hardware equipment, starting with the Sandy Bridge processor Pentium G620 over 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, up to six drive bays and four USB 3.0 ports, are convincing, but also the processing is exemplary. The casing is completely made of metal and gives a good impression at all time. The OLED display that shows various system settings is large, bright and easy to read, and as a special feature, you will find not a single button on the device. The switching on and off of the unit as well as toggling the OLED display is done via touch keys, which are embedded in the surface of the front panel.”

Outstanding performances were seen throughout all the tests performed by Tom's Hardware with the Intel NASPT benchmark program.  For example, here are the results for the office productivity test segments where backup restoration task are requested. While setup in RAID 6 and fully loaded with 6 HDDs, the Thecus® N6850 scores 76,9 MB/s, close to double the speed of the competition.

“Those opting for a Thecus N6850 will receive a consistently solid NAS device that has many features and configuration options, and can be upgraded with 10 GbE connectivity. As icing on the cake, Thecus also granted the unit with a 5 year warranty.”


For the complete review (in German) of the N6850 by German Tom's Hardware, go to:,testberichte-241162.html

For more information on the N6850, go to:

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