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From 5TB to 50TB, 6 NAS compared side by side
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11/21/2012Oriented towards IT professional's interest, Admin-Magazin, a German print and online IT media, has been around for over ten years, making it a true reference. Ranging from 6 to 12 bays, all equipped with different Intel® processors and all from different manufacturers, ADMIN-Magazin took 6 NAS to do a complete side by side review of their performance, hardware, functionality and ease of use. In the left corner representing Thecus®, the 6-bay TopTower N6850 stood tall and strong didn't let the editor down.


Using Bonnie++ as their benchmark program, ADMIN-Magazin loaded all the NAS with WD Scorpio drives and started pulling out numbers. “In the benchmark Thecus is placed in the front field, thanks to its hardware performance.” That is of course talking about the Intel® Pentium® G620 processor and the 2GB of DDR3 RAM. If higher throughput is needed, the dual Ethernet ports can be combined with link aggregation and even a 10G card can be added to the PCI-e slot available at the back of the unit, enabling the hardware to perform to its best.


“A striking feature of this gadget is that it is well equipped with USB 3.0 ports (x4 plus x4-USB 2.0) eSATA and HDMI, optional 10 GbE network card (PCE Express slot) and a Sandy Bridge processor. A slimline Bluray drive can be installed later; even a remote control via smartphone is possible. This chic case with light and touch buttons OLED display catches the eye.”  And when talking about the web GUI, “it offers numerous setting options, such as the RAID configuration including a relatively large selection of file systems. The professional user will accept the slightly higher complexity in favor of advanced configuration options.”


ADMIN-Magazin's comments and review of the N6850 proves again that Thecus® accomplished to design a professional and intelligent NAS that delivers great performance and will meet the demand of IT administrators. The complete review can be found in the November edition of the German magazine ADMIN.

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