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Duplicate your data in a safe remote location with the cloud
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11/15/2012 – For the final article of the series on Data Guard, we are going to focus on the Cloud backup solutions available to the Thecus® NAS users. Cloud backup is considered by many to be the safest way to keep your critical data away from harm. Not only your data is kept encrypted at a remote location, but it is kept within professional hands and made available when and where you need it. But there is a drawback, most of the cloud backup services are not free and retrieving your data can take some time as the transfer rate is limited by your internet connection. But nevertheless, Cloud backup's reliability is undeniable and its popularity is growing at a fast rate within enterprises.

Amazon S3

The first cloud backup option possible is found under Data Guard and is called Amazon S3. Amazon's cloud backup service is unique in its kind as it is a pay as you transfer type of service. That means that you can own an Amazon S3 account but until you transfer any documents to it, you won't be charge a penny. Therefore, this cloud backup solution is manual and non-incremental. The advantage to this option is only the critical documents needing backing up are transferred to your Amazon S3 bucket folder, thus making it faster to retrieve these documents from the Cloud. You can find more information on how to set-up your Amazon backup solution on your NAS system by following the link at the end of this article.


The two other Cloud backup solutions presented here are not under Data Guard but are individual module which can be installed from the Auto Module installation menu. The first one is called Dropbox and is an incremental type of backup solution, meaning that documents are backed up as they are modified. Already very popular as a personal cloud storage station, Dropbox can also be linked up to your NAS. Simply install and activate the module, login as a user, synchronize your NAS to your already existing free or paid Dropbox account and you'll be able to have your files synchronized between your NAS and Dropbox account without having to think about it. Within a dedicated folder on your computer, the data will be backed up and always made accessible in the cloud. With this method, you'll also be able to add files to your NAS where ever you are. Cloud computing made easy.

Elephant Drive

The ElephantDrive cloud backup module is designed to work for the NAS administrator, help save critical data efficiently and quickly to a secure cloud storage system. Compared to Dropbox and Amazon S3, ElephantDrive is often seen as a more flexible cloud backup solution. With this module installed, the selected data on the NAS will be protected and real time synchronized to the ElephantDrive cloud. Once enabled, backups continue to run in automated fashion – either scheduled or continuous – without the need for regular maintenance.

To find out how to create and set-up an Amazon S3 account, follow this link:

For the how to guide on how to install and run the Dropbox cloud backup module, click here:

For the how to guide regarding the set-up of the Elephant Drive cloud backup module, go to:

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