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“The N2800 is much more than a simple NAS”
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11/06/2012For their October issue, the Italian IT specialist CHIP gave its readers a good review on the small but powerful 2-bay NAS Thecus® has to offer, the N2800. Equipped with an Intel® Atom™ processor and 2GB of DDR3 RAM, this little monster is sure to deliver. CHIP called the N2800 intelligent storage device an overall score of 80%, noted is as “GOOD” and was very impressed of what the HDMI port and the Local Display module had to offer.


  • Speed
  • Expandable
  • Media player via HDMI


It's not a surprise that one of the praised aspects of the N2800 is its speed. With an Intel® Atom™ processor, 2GB of RAM and 2-Ethernet LAN ports that can be combine for link aggregation, the 2-bay NAS of the Vision  series is sure to satisfy the needs of the home user's heaviest needs. While put through the benchmark program Intel NASPT, the N2800 achieved an impressive 103.3MB/s in writing of a single file.


One particularity of the NAS from Thecus® is the possibility to match each user particular needs by downloading and installing on the NAS only the required modules, creating a more personalized and customized experience to everyone. Modules like Virus Scan for the McAfee antivirus protection, Twonky Media to share your media file with you DNLA compliant devices or T-OnTheGo™ to have access to your data where ever you are.

Media player via HDMI

The addition of an HDMI output to the Thecus® device rocked the NAS industry. With the addition of the Local Display module and 3rd party module VLC or XBMC, the users can connect their NAS directly to an HDTV via the HDMI port and start enjoying their multimedia files without the need of a computer. Applications like Valence for Android device and HippoRemote Lite for iOS mobile device will transform your smart phone or tablet into a remote control to manage the local display feature at a distance, creating the ultimate no ties multimedia experience.


Once again, the N2800's hardware, performance and expandability help it shine through yet another great review. As CHIP mentions: “Its performances are very good, among the best we had the opportunity to test in a NAS of this level”, and in their conclusion: “The N2800 is much more than a simple NAS”. And with its capacity to handle multimedia playback via HDMI output, the NAS is without a doubt the ultimate home data center.

For the full review can be found in the CHIP, October 2012, Italian edition magazine.

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