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A spot on user-friendly remote backup solution
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11/01/2012 - Thecus® Data Guard has been out for some time now, ever since ThecusOS™ 5.0 has been available to the public. This tech news focus is particularly on “remote backup,” we're talking about backing your data up from one Thecus® NAS to another NAS remotely. Upcoming articles will give more details on other backup solutions like local and cloud backup. Now, back to remote back up, three choices are provided for users to easily initiate a remote backup; which consists of full, custom and iSCSI backup selections.

Conduct a full backup remotely

The name typically describes its function; users are able to seamlessly backup all the data that is on one NAS to another NAS remotely. This gives users who manage sensitive data the extra confidence that they require in order to prolong with their work. A full backup is also necessary when users are making changes to their system, folder or making minor adjustments. A full data backup to another NAS will avoid issues while retrieving data or settings. Please note this excludes iSCSI folders.

Custom backup

Thecus® also provides the flexibility for users who know what they want. For example, some users will only need to backup selected folders. In this case, a remote custom backup is sufficient for users as they won't need to sacrifice storage capacity from a full backup, they can split all backup tasks and allocate them to a remote NAS. Please note this excludes iSCSI folders.

iSCSI backup

Since iSCSI folder backup has been mentioned in both full and custom backup, Thecus® provides a function to remotely backup your iSCSI folder. For SME or large enterprises who manage large data capacity, they have the ability to backup their data via iSCSI backup. This offers a great benefit to those who work with iSCSI infrastructure.

To wrap up

Thecus® Data Guard offers a wide range of backup solutions, for one, remote backup in itself presents easy to use and flexible features such as full, custom and even iSCSI backup which caters to all types of users who seeks to backup their valuable data. All Thecus NAS running on ThecusOS™ 5.0 is Data Guard supported, the convenience of remote backup is effortless.

About Thecus®
Established in 2004, Thecus Technology Corp provides market leading network attached storage and network video recorder solutions, committed to revolutionize how everyone from home user to enterprise level business centrally stores, manages and accesses their digital data both onsite and cloud-based. Thecus strives to deliver continuous innovation through cutting edge technology and design to provide data storage with the most customer-friendly platform, rapid performance and robust security. In May 2016, Thecus was formally acquired by Ennoconn Corporation and thus became part of the Foxconn IPC Technology group. Partnered together this diverse group of companies work in tandem to provide a total IoT (Internet of Things) solution. Now with an unparalleled portfolio to work with, Thecus is collaborating to bring unprecedented change to the network storage industry.