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“The performance of the Thecus N5550 is really outstanding, no question about it!”
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10/17/2012 – The agile Thecus® N5550 made its way into US media Benchmark Reviews for a serious test and review. Strict testing procedures were taken upon testing the NAS. In fact, three different benchmark systems were utilized, hence the media's name.

The N5550 sports an Intel® Atom processor and 2GB of RAM, which comes standard to keep the system running strong. Advanced I/O such as HDMI output, eSATA and USB 3.0, makes managing your NAS a breeze. More importantly, a long list of available modules for the NAS is one of its key points.


  • Very high transfer speeds
  • Local display with HDMI output
  • McAfee Antivirus (S/W included)
  • High quality construction
  • Cloud access

Very high transfer speeds

The most important digits to focus on are the benchmark results, the N5550 is no slouch. RAID 5 is the best setup to use when judging performance, due to its popularity when creating RAID. We found it odd that the N5550 was placed in a competition between higher performance base NAS; however the N5550 clearly shows its performance is neck-and-neck with storage devices which use Intel® Core i3 processors.

“During timed transfers of 1GB and 10GB files the N5550 recorded Read speeds of 111 MB/s and Write speeds above 118 MB/s.” 

Local display with HDMI output

The Thecus® N5550 is making a big hit in the entertainment realm, now-a-days more and more users are storing their multimedia files on their NAS. With local display and HDMI output, users can directly watch movies and enjoy music from their NAS. A centralized hub is a good way to see it. The function is simple, connect HDMI cable from NAS to TV, mouse/keyboard and start navigation through your media library.

McAfee Antivirus protection

Have full confidence with the protection of McAfee Antivirus, the N5550 comes with the highly praised antivirus and better yet, software is included free of charge. Some key points include: daily update for virus pattern, 99% virus recognition, large scan capacity and reduced scan time.

High quality construction

A notable highlight for the N5550 is its body construction; compared to competitors the N5550 utilizes a full metal body construction which provides a more robust feel. In addition, with the turn of a few screws provides easy access to internals. “The outer shell and the inner framework were modern, sturdy designs that fit together well and came apart easily when needed.”

Cloud Access

The N5550 is fully cloud compatible, whether you want to access via modules such as Amazon S3, Dropbox or Elephant drive, they all work seamlessly. If you are a kind of user that wants to bypass third party cloud suppliers, then utilizing ThecusShare and T-OnTheGo is a great way to manage data on your NAS or even stream multimedia direction over an IP.


The Thecus® N5550 is an advanced SMB NAS which provides pure performance. Benchmark results show that transfers speeds are more than noteworthy. Benchmark Reviews simply says, “The balancing act of capacity, speed and cost has to land somewhere, and Thecus put together a well-balanced package that definitely delivered the goods.”

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