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“The NAS are not all the same, as demonstrated by Thecus”
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09/12/2012 – “We have seen a lot of NAS in our labs, from 2 to 8 bays and someone can imagine they are all the same. This Thecus N4800 can demonstrate this is not the truth.” As stated by the editor at Computer Magazine Pro, a highly respected Italian IT magazine, the N4800 by Thecus® is one of a kind. Computer Mag was really impressed by the 4 bay NAS and gave it a score of 88%.





  • CPU
  • UPS
  • Media Player

Intel Atom CPU

As part of the Vision series, the N4800 is equipped with the powerful Intel® Atom™ processor and 2GB of DDR3 RAM that makes this NAS capable to handle multitasking, “assure a high level of performance” and easily carry multimedia tasks.  The Intel® Atom™ processor has a special feature; a fan isn't required to cool it down. This makes the N4800 a quieter and more energy efficient NAS, attributes that really makes this 4-bay black box one of a kind.

Integrated Mini-UPS

“In addition to the typical connections on the rear side is the slot to insert the battery.” This battery is the Mini-UPS. With the N4800's built-in Mini-UPS, not even a power outage can slow you down. The Mini-UPS provides power to allow the N4800 to write unwritten data to the hard disks and safely shutdown, ensuring the integrity of your data and preserving your memories. A unique feature that is still unmatched to this day.

Media playback and local display

Using the HDMI output, it is possible to bypass a computer and connect your NAS directly to your HD TV and play media files in the comfort of your living room. The Intel® Atom™ processor and the addition of the Local Display module transform your NAS into a multimedia player for the benefit of all. Third party players like XBMC or VLC, which can easily be added to your NAS, will take care of managing your pictures, photos and any types of videos you may keep in the N4800. Furthermore, the need of plugging a keyboard and a mouse to your NAS won't be necessary; remote control management is possible with the installation of mobile application for iOS or Android mobile devices.


Let's leave the stage to Computer Magazine Pro: “Good performance and intuitive interface, many options which are easy to manage, net protocol support and a lot of further to download. We very much appreciated the USB 3.0, eSATA and the 2 Ethernet connections. A very good product.”

The full review can be found in the September edition of the Computer Magazine PRO.

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