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“The N4800 delivers good performance, and it offers near-silent running”
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09/12/2012 The Thecus® N4800 NAS is full of innovative features. The 4-bay unit takes advantage of the latest Intel® Atom processor with 2GB of DDR3 RAM to quickly manage any task. Some elements to showcase include the Mini-UPS which provides security during a power failure, HDMI output for multimedia experiences, USB 3.0 located on the front panel for rapid transfers. In addition, compatibility with 4TB HDD, reaching a 16TB of available storage capacity.






  • Local Display
  • OLED panel
  • Mini-UPS
  • HDMI and USB 3.0
  • Superior performance

Local Display

With the release of ThecusOSTM 5.0, users have convenience to directly connect their Thecus® N4800 to HDTV. Unleash a full blown multimedia powerhouse, display HD movies, music, share photos with family and friends, and even listen to your latest tunes with local display and multimedia players.

Mini-UPS and OLED panel

The Mini-UPS is a feature that makes the N4800 stand out from the competition, “Thecus' N4800 four-bay NAS appliance stands out thanks to its mini-UPS battery backup unit (BBU). Slotting in the back, this small lithium-ion slab keeps RAID arrays, outstanding disk writes and firmware upgrades intact in the event of a blackout.”

The N4800 offers a front OLED panel that provides easy monitoring; users are able to view their NAS status with just a glance. As PCPRO says, “The BBU charge status is shown in the OLED panel, and to test it we pulled the power on the appliance, at which point it sounded a warning beeper and after 70 seconds powered itself down. We then restored power, rebooted and it worked fine.” In addition, the OLED panel displays other useful information such as IP address, fan status, RAID information and more.

HDMI and USB 3.0

Innovative I/O such as HDMI and USB 3.0 enhances and foster the ultimate user experience, even the Thecus® small 2-bay N2800 includes these functional I/O. HDMI goes hand in hand with local display, in fact, users are even able to watch live TV (with a TV-Tuner) with third-party multimedia players.

Benchmark results

Transferring large files is no issue for the swift N4800, PCPRO tests the capabilities of the 4-bay NAS and expresses that transfers speeds does not let down.

“Drag-and-drop copies of a large video clip over Gigabit returned read and write speeds of 96MB/sec and 91MB/sec. FTP was faster, with the FileZilla client reporting 108MB/sec and 103MB/sec.”

“General backup tasks won't take long: our 22.4GB test folder with 10,500 small files was copied at a rate of 62MB/sec. IP SANs were also nippy, with Iometer reporting a 98MB/sec raw read rate for a 100GB target.”


The Thecus® N4800 is an advanced SMB NAS that doesn't skimp on performance and features. Benchmark results show that transfers speeds are noteworthy. As PCPRO simply puts it, the N4800 is “A fast, low-cost four-bay NAS appliance with plenty of features and a very handy battery backup pack.” The Thecus® 4-bay N4800 is a popular device amongst many SMB users, due to its popular Mini-UPS, local display and HDMI output, the NAS appliance tops out on many users lists! PCPRO rates it an excellent 5 stars.

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