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08/27/2012 – The Thecus® N6850 NAS is put under strategic test by Taiwan media, VR-Zone. The storage unit takes advantage of the Intel® Pentium G620 2.6Ghz processor with 2GB of DDR3 RAM to ensure quick operation. The N6850 is truly in a class of its own. Offering 6-bays for a max storage capacity of 24TB, the unit will fulfill majority of users' storage capacity requirements. Also, integrated are innovative I/O such as USB 3.0, eSATA and HDMI output for local display and multimedia functions. The latest ThecusOS 5.0TM offers the quickest NAS response and pioneering features.







  • Superior read and write speeds
  • Convenient with a large number of modules
  • Variety mobile apps are easily reached 

Superior read and writes speeds

The N6850 hardware is advanced but how does the unit really perform in real life situations? VR-Zone utilizes 6 Seagate HDDs and conducts thorough file transfers.

“In the composition of the 6 Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB, and Jumbo Frame setting of 1,500 bytes, with the ASUS RT-N16 Gigabit Ethernet; write speeds of up to 107MB / s, while the read compared to 69.64MB / s.”

The N6850 in any case is no slouch; performance is among the highest in its class. Benchmark results ensure that the N6850 will manage data efficiently and swiftly.

Convenient with a large number of modules

Just like any Thecus® device, a large number of modules are offered standard right out of the box. All modules can be easily located via Thecus® website, thus providing seamless operation. The N6850 is truly an easy-to-use NAS solution ranging from novice to advanced users. 

“The N6850 has multiple NAS modules users can use, a large number of common packages such as Transmission (BitTorrnet transmission), Twonkymedia (UPnP Media Server), IP Cam monitoring, or popular Dropbox, Elephantdrive, Amazon S3 backup packages are easy to download and install.”

Variety of mobile apps are easily reached 

Thecus® offers many innovative ways to dive into your N6850; to upload/download and stream media on the move.

Thecus DashboardTM allows users to login to your NAS over a local or remote network and view the status of their NAS. In addition, users can control a number of administrative functions from their iOS or Android mobile devices. This includes turning on and off protocols and adjusting user privileges.

ThecusShareTM allows users to access their NAS over a local or remote network and download or stream multimedia files to and upload pictures from their iOS or Android mobile devices.

T-OnTheGo is the latest mobile app released, the app allows users to manages files and folders on your Thecus® NAS, playback audio and video media, and view photos and documents via mobile device.


The Thecus® N6850 offers powerful hardware and software performance, making it one of the best in the NAS industry. System operation, fast response and high-speed transfer rates are all common traits of the N6850 6-bay NAS. VR-Zone scores it a high 9/10; the N6850 is truly one of a kind.

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