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Versatile and speedy 5-bay NAS with USB 3.0 and HDMI output
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08/16/2012 – The Thecus® N5550 NAS is making its way into many well-known media's hands all around the world. The unit takes advantage of the latest Intel® Atom CPU with 2GB of DDR3 RAM to ensure fast operation. Some elements to showcase include HDMI output for media playback, USB 3.0 and 5-bays for the ability to reach up to 20TB of storage capacity! UK gets their hand on one of the powerful N5550 NAS and tests the unit to see what types of numbers and performance the NAS can truly produce.





  • Local Display
  • 5-bays for increased storage
  • HDMI and USB 3.0
  • McAfee antivirus
  • Incredible direct copy from NAS
  • Remarkable RAID 5 results
  • Superior write speeds

Advanced I/O & local display for a true multimedia experience

The N5550 is excellent for managing multimedia files, with its rapid fast Intel® Atom CPU, HDMI output and local display capability; the N5550 has no trouble displaying HD media. Implement HDMI, local display module and media player for full entertainment. In addition, USB 3.0 allows users to transfer data 10x faster than USB 2.0. Unleash the ability to store, share and stream multimedia from the innovative and highly powered N5550.

McAfee antivirus for protection

McAfee is the world's largest dedicated security technology company and shares Thecus' spirit of dedication and quality. By establishing a strong partnership with them, Thecus® will allow users the benefit of McAfee's powerful software on their NAS entirely for free. Adding an antivirus to the already comprehensive software bundle will provide the necessary software protection by scanning the files on your NAS and defending it against possible threats.

Direct copy from NAS

The Thecus® N5550 ranks highest on the test for direct copy from NAS. File transfers are fast and seamless with the power and performance of the 5-bay NAS. With transfer speeds of 23.8MB/s, the N5550 for sure leads the competition. Users can trust the reliability of the Intel® CPU and features of the N5550.

Remarkable RAID 5 results

RAID 5 transfer speeds are paramount, the N5550 lands on top of the competition. At speeds of 113.1MB/s, the N5550 saves time and is efficient.

Superior write speeds UK compares the innovative Thecus® N5550 to all the key players in the NAS industry. Again, the N5550 ranks on top by benchmarking at speeds of 107.7MB. Tests prove that the Thecus® N5550 is the solution and answer for those who seek a 5-bay storage device with rapid transfer speeds.


The N5550 NAS is highly praised for its innovative hardware, features and outstanding performance. When it comes to comparing benchmark results, the N5550 makes its way on the top of many tests. In addition, with 5-bays, users can obtain up to 4TB of storage capacity for each drive compared to the mainstream 4-bay NAS' out there. If you seek for a multitasking NAS with the ability to support up to 20TB, quick performance speeds and with the power of Intel®, the Thecus® N5550 is first on the list!  

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