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The French Magazine EDI reviews the N5550
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07/24/2012The 5-bay NAS from the Vision series made a trip to France and was reviewed by E.D.I., a print-out specialized in IT. The N5550 did make quite a good impression, acclaimed as a being able to convert into “a true small PC”; the unit's review covered a full page of the magazine.

Adaptation through modules

With the addition of modules, this NAS will not only perform basic tasks, but it will turn into a multipurpose little machine! And that is the beauty of it, instead of having a heavy firmware full of functions that won't be used; the users have the option to add what they only really need. That it is to handle multimedia files, online back-up, web-hosting or others, this NAS has a solution for almost everything.


To support the addition of many modules is one thing, but to be able to make them run smoothly is another. And this NAS is not letting you down. EDI took care of listing out some of the hardware that makes this NAS a thru beast. The Intel® Atom™ processor, the 2GB of DDR3 RAM and the innovative HDMI output all took the stage in the review from the French IT specialist. Out of all the RAID modes supported by the N5550 (RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD), EDI used the RAID 6 to do their performance tests.

“The internal performances produced can rival with the best on the market. On the throughput side, we were able to obtain and go over the 100MB/s mark in writing and reading. Performances that is more than adequate to meet the demand of SMB users with a local network that can handle it.”


Praising the ease of use UI and how quiet that device is comparing to its predecessor, the review ends on a good note: “The N5550, more powerful due to its dual core processor and its internal SATA 6GBs interface, is more silent. Physically, it is also rather quiet: the manufacturer has chosen a tower format in which hard disks are positioned on top of each other and not side by side. So, the footprint is limited.”

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