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Prevent data loss and system damage
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07/19/2012- Threat to data comes from everywhere, literally. If it's not a virus that could corrupt your data or system, electrical power surge and outage could damage your unit, or your 5 year old son pouring a full glass of water on your NAS to see if it is waterproof. Although you can't do much about your son's curiosity, there is something you can do about power outage and power surge. A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), or battery backup, is quite an essential power redundancy device for users who are not willing to let their data be depending on the whims of electricity.

As you can imagine, unwanted system shut down can't be good if you are performing tasks on your NAS. If a transfer is interrupted, data could be lost or damaged. Plus, if the power interruption is coming from a storm, the power surge from the lightning could burn parts of your hardware. That is why a UPS device is really important, it stabilizes the current and replaces it when it's gone, allowing you to finish your tasks and shut down properly.

As your UPS is connected to your NAS or network, it can be monitored. The Thecus® UI allows you to even monitor parts of your UPS. Under the “External Device” tab in the menu list on left end side of the admin UI window, you will find the “Uninterrupted Power Source” options. From there, you can enter the brand and type of UPS that takes care of your system and even link to its IP address. Then, options like notification messages timing setup and automatic system shut down if the charge of the battery gets under a certain percentage can be arranged.

Over one hundred UPS manufacturers are supported and compatible with the NAS from Thecus®. To find out which UPS manufacturers and models are compatible with which NAS, please visit Thecus® web site.

For the UPS compatibility list, go to:

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