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“One of the best NAS appliances on the market just got even better”
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02/14/2008 One by one, the N5200PRO from Thecus is winning over PC enthusiasts the world over. The latest review comes from the folks at Trusted Reviews. After close examination, Trusted Review editors were thoroughly impressed with the unit, giving it a 9 out of 10 score, an awarding it with their Trusted Reviews Recommended award!

Trusted Reviews starts off by introducing the N5200PRO: “When Thecus launched its N5200 RouStor last year we didn't think it was possible to squeeze any more features into a desktop NAS appliance. However, with its latest, the N5200PRO Thecus has proved us wrong. It was the first manufacturer to deliver a solution with room for a quintet of hot-swap SATA hard disks and it is still the only one to provide support for RAID-6 dual redundant arrays. It now goes one step beyond as it's also the first desktop box to deliver support for iSCSI (Internet SCSI) enabling the appliance to present virtual hard disks to the network.”

Easy installation and multiple storage options: “Installation is helped along nicely by the bundled Setup Wizard, which locates the appliance on the network and presents it ready for initial configuration…From the Storage menu you can view the hard disks and choose from an impressive range of RAID arrays. The appliance also supports multiple arrays and enables you to migrate mirrors and stripes to RAID-5 as well.”

Did someone say features? “For general NAS duties the N5200PRO delivers plenty of features. It supports Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac clients, runs an FTP server and can use NT domain and AD authentication along with its local user database. The appliance also offers UPnP media services for streaming to suitable media players… It's easy being green with Thecus as you can schedule the appliance to power itself off and on and use WoL (Wake on LAN) to start it up when next accessed.”

The Trusted Reviews conclusion: “One of the best desktop NAS appliances on the market just got even better. There's little to touch the N5200PRO for features and performance and the new iSCSI target capabilities make it quite unique.”

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