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A very robust NAS that delivers exceptional performance and quality!
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07/05/2012 – A thorough test was conducted by TweakTown between the infamous Thecus® N4800 compared to competitors. The N4800 equips a blazing fast Intel® Atom™ processor to multitask through anything thrown at it. 2GB of DDR3 RAM comes standard to enhance productivity. A highlight of the test done by TweakTown mentions the battery backup unit or Mini-UPS.  In fact, “The battery backup unit is so advanced other manufactures haven't even tried to copy it yet” says TweakTown. The excitement doesn't stop there, benchmark results triumphs over competitors and clearly proves the N4800 is the best in class.

TweakTown awards the Thecus® N4800 their highest award, "MUST HAVE" Editor's Choice Award! Not any NAS receives this prodigious award, only the best.

File copy benchmark shows outstanding results

A main aspect of the NAS test focuses on file copy speeds. Referring to the chart to the right (higher is better). According to test numbers, the powerful N4800 knocks competitors to the ground. As the chart illustrates, testing the N4800 JDOB to RAID 6, results continue to stay consistent and topping out on all tests. “Once again the Thecus N4800 approaches and even manages to push past the 100MB/s mark in RAID 6.”

Great value

The N4800 is a spectacular NAS unit as it's offered at an affordable price range, yet produces high power and extreme performance. What this means is SMB users have the opportunities to experience firsthand the unique features of the Thecus® N4800 and raw power. NAS users won't need to think twice about the Thecus® N4800, with the low price, unique features and excellent benchmark results, it sells itself.   


Benchmark results illustrates that the Thecus® N4800 NAS is driven to perform at an efficient rate. The unique features like HDMI output, USB 3.0, Mini-UPS and impressive benchmark results set the Thecus® N4800 over the top. Contenders don't stand a chance at challenging the power of the N4800 and with its low price, more SMB users are heading towards the Thecus® 4-bay storage server direction. For more details regarding benchmark testing, please refer to link provided below.

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About Thecus®
Established in 2004, Thecus Technology Corp provides market leading network attached storage and network video recorder solutions, committed to revolutionize how everyone from home user to enterprise level business centrally stores, manages and accesses their digital data both onsite and cloud-based. Thecus strives to deliver continuous innovation through cutting edge technology and design to provide data storage with the most customer-friendly platform, rapid performance and robust security. In May 2016, Thecus was formally acquired by Ennoconn Corporation and thus became part of the Foxconn IPC Technology group. Partnered together this diverse group of companies work in tandem to provide a total IoT (Internet of Things) solution. Now with an unparalleled portfolio to work with, Thecus is collaborating to bring unprecedented change to the network storage industry.