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BETANEWS Korea review on the 4 bay NAS
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Thecus N4800 - Editor's 1st Choice 07/05/2012Since its launch, the N4800 keeps receiving graces from all four corners of the world. Now it is turn to the well know media Betanews Korea, to express their opinion about this 4 bay wonder. Concluding that the N4800 is a good choice for SMB and home users alike, gave this powerful NAS the Editor's 1st Choice Award.

Going into details about the features of the N4800, Betanews Korea did a thorough job describing the outstanding ones. And it's no surprise that they gave the Editor's 1st Choice award to the Thecus® NAS, with a long list of features like the Intel® Atom™ processor backed-up with 2GB of RAM, the two Gigabit LAN ports for link aggregation, supported RAID modes 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD making the a possible total of  12TB of data impossible to misplace, supporting multiple OS, to mention only some, the N4800 options provide a variety of capacity, performances, and reliability that can be selected according to user's taste.


But the N4800 doesn't stop there. Because capacity isn't the only thing required by users these days, other options are found to please the crowd. Two USB 3.0 ports can be found on the frontal panel of the unit, offering the users the option to connect external hard drives to their NAS for fast back-up or expansion.  In the back of the unit, an HDMI output can be found to directly connect the NAS to a TV. Eliminating the use of a PC, the users can now enjoy all of their multimedia files on a big screen. But the main feature that main this NAS a 1st choice for the Korean media is the Mini-UPS also located in the back of the unit. As power outage are frequent in Korea during the summer, the extra power supply gives you enough time finish your tasks and shut down your NAS properly, thus adding another layer of security to your critical data.


Finally, pointing out the user interface friendliness and the possibility to access to the NAS through a smartphone or a tablet, Betanews Korea qualifies the N4800 to be a good choice for home users and SMB due to its effectiveness and excellence.

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