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“Thecus has done a remarkable job with the N2800”
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06/15/2012 – The editors over at Real World Labs recently implemented an all-out test on the Thecus® N2800 NAS, resulting in user-friendly software, RAID and performance benchmarks and HDMI output for connecting your HDTV. They were so impressed and gave it their Real Performance Award!

User-friendly UI

The thorough review starts off by touching on how tolerant Thecus® software is, even from a newbie's point-of-view, starting the NAS and setting up RAID is simple. “For even the novice user that has never touched a NAS they have made it very user friendly and while I can admit that I myself am no Tim Higgins. It still gives the advanced user all the options they desire in their Network Storage.” Clearly stated, the Thecus® N2800 NAS is developed for all users alike, from beginners to IT professionals.

RAID benchmark tests

The second part of the review focuses on RAID functions; a part of any high-end NAS, RAID function is a highly valued feature used to protect data. The 2-bay NAS offers the ability to set up RAID 0, 1 and JBOD.

“Even setting the Thecus up in RAID 1 we see great performance from the NAS. 4xHD Playback is still acceptable and can maintain the free flowing of videos to your HDTV. While playback of files is one thing another completely different aspect of a NAS is its ability to copy files and here we see the Thecus do pretty well.”

Read and writing benchmark tests

Write and read numbers for the 2-bay NAS are staggering, consumers can count on the N2800 to perform at an elite level while full on multitasking. The N2800 receives Real Performance Award due to its incredible test numbers. 

A peak power: 98.42 MB/s for writing and a 90.13 MB/s for reading.  

HDMI output: a true multimedia powerhouse

Being a part of the Vision Series, the Thecus® N2800 is a multimedia contender, with the displayed power and performance benchmarks above, the N2800 NAS will blaze through any media tasks. More importantly, the HDMI output allows users to show any content on a HDTV. As Real World Labs says, “With this interface you can enjoy all of your media on your TV without the need of having a standalone stream box like an Xbox360, Apple TV or Boxee.”

In conclusion

“The Thecus® N2800 is a small NAS unit that packs a powerful punch. RAID and performance benchmarks confirm that the 2-bay NAS has the power to carry on any serious job. To add, with the combination of power and friendly-user interface, the N2800 is a unit that all users can take advantage of without any troubles.

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