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"This is still the ultimate solution…the 5200 fits my needs perfectly"
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01/28/2008With 5 storage bays and a plethora of storage security options, the Thecus N5200 PRO is quickly becoming the NAS storage device for serious PC enthusiasts and small to medium businesses around the globe. The folks at Virtual Hideout recently examined the N5200 PRO, and discovered that the unit really does deliver the goods. VH editors liked the unit so much, that they decided to bestow it with their Recommended for RAID award!

Virtual Hideout takes a look at iSCSI on the N5200 PRO: “In basic terms, what it does is allow you to connect to the specific partition on your RAID array, as if it was an internal drive and not connected to the network. This might not sound important, as Windows allows you to mount a network drive, however, there are programs that will not allow themselves to use a drive like that. With iSCSI drivers installed, it will act in every way as a local drive.”

Editors also discussed the many modules available for the unit: “Modules are small installable programs that can expand the usefulness of the 5200PRO dramatically...Using the standard Wiki format that Wikipedia made universal, there are thousands of pages about everything from installing Linux, to what user made modules everyone uses. To give you an idea of just what is out there, if you have a large collection of music that is not in a format the default “media server” can deal with, “Slimserver” can stream it to whatever you need. Another user made module, “MLDonkey” lets you download directly to the 5200 from multiple Peer 2 peer networks (BitTorrent included).”

The verdict: “Everything else about the 5200PRO has gone great, I've been able to add it to my network, and transfer everything off the original 5200 quickly and painlessly. Finally being able to try out Nsync between the two systems was great, and automated backups were completely transparent once setup. This is still the ultimate solution for everything from a home network, to small and medium sized businesses. If you want anything better, the costs are going to start jumping up drastically…the 5200 fits my needs perfectly.”

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