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"Simply well done…I highly recommend it!"
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01/21/2008 With the release of the N299, Thecus has made NAS technology surprisingly affordable for everyone. The editors at MPC Club recently took the N299 for a spin and found that it indeed delivers a tremendous value, and happily recommends it to users on a budget!

The N299 makes a great media server: “In general the Thecus N299 will not be a disappointment in media serving capabilities with about everything on board you might desire including a generic media server, the UPnP media server and both NFS and SMB abilities. That is one hell of an advantage to have being ensured that it works with just about every media player that exists and has network on board.”

The extras on the N299 are nice as well: “The USB Copy function is the finest in my opinion. Stick in a USB stick or USB hard drive and press the button in the front. This will make the Thecus N299 to start copying the content from the USB device into the USB Copy folder using a Date Stamp for the folder… It's not really for backing up your stick then but to quick copy contents from USB devices onto the NAS without the use of a PC.”

The verdict? “Once there was a brand called Thecus that thought about releasing an entry level NAS device and named it N299. Keeping the price very low it managed offering a dual SATA NAS with dual Gigabit NIC in a nice neat little box. Although small, the unit was filled with features, just as many as anyone could ever wish for including iTunes, Torrent, FTP, NFS, SMB, Photo Server, UPnP media server and a lot more all combined in a single interface to control for the user. It was clear, in the end, the user was happy having found so many features in one device serving all his needs for about 50% of the price that the competition can offer the same. Thecus N299 lived happily ever after being a price breaker on the NAS market. Simply well done to have a low cost entry in the NAS market! That's all there is too it and I happily recommend it to the budget focused people out there.”

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