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4-bay NAS sets benchmark standards!
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05/31/2012 – SmallNetBuilder recently implemented a strict and thorough performance benchmark test to set apart storage units that really performs and units are just pure hype. All the big names in the storage industry were gathered and benchmarked under the same roof with the most vigorous benchmark test. According to SmallNetBuilder, the Thecus® N4800 4-bay NAS places high on benchmark tests on both reading/writing speeds amongst many other tests. It comes as no surprise, as the N4800 NAS is equipped with the latest Intel® Atom™ CPU, 2GB DDR3, Mini-UPS, HDMI output and ability to set up major RAID functions.

RAID Productivity

The Thecus® N4800 rates the best unit for “RAID 5 Office Productivity” knocking out competitors in the industry. Benchmark tests clearly show that the N4800 functions well and performs efficiently under RAID 5, benchmarked at 45.7 MB/s.  

Directory Copy

“Direct Copy From NAS” is a breeze for the Thecus® N4800 NAS unit, performing at 26.8 MB/s shows that N4800 NAS means serious business when copying data from NAS.

Read and Write Speed

The Thecus® N4800 NAS read speeds benchmarked at 96.8 MB/s which is significant when managing large amounts of data. For its class, the benchmarked digits are more than sufficient for its division.

Write speeds are on par with its read speeds, writing at 106.2 MB/s places the Thecus® N4800 NAS above and beyond competitors. What this means is that writing data clearly isn't going to cause issues when managing data.


Benchmark results illustrates that the Thecus® N4800 NAS is driven to perform at an efficient rate. With the combination of state-of-the-art hardware, innovative software and long-term backing from Thecus® support, the N4800 unit is the ultimate SMB NAS for all consumers or small medium businesses alike. Click the link below for a closer look at results and let statistics prove itself. 

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