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Two-bay NAS device commended for flexibility and ease-of-use
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01/08/2008When it comes to both flexibility and ease-of-use, few compare to the nimble YES Box N2100 from Thecus. With two SATA hard disk bays, data security and backup functions, and long list of useful features all wrapped up in a stylish enclosure, the YES Box N2100 represents terrific value for home users getting in to the world of network attached storage. In addition, with its advanced power management features, users can save a bundle on energy costs compared to a full blown PC, all the while helping to save the environment from excess pollution energy waste. The editors at Computerpress Magazine recently tested the N2100, and discovered as well that it is not only flexible, but extremely easy-to-use and operate.

Here's Comptuerpress Magazine's brief introduction of the N2100: “Thecus N2100 has compact dimensions and a stylish design. The device is equipped with two internal 3.5" drives which total to 1TB. It supports several modes of RAID arrays. The integrated power control system reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to a similarly configured PC. The web interface is simple and intuitive. Two USB 2.0 ports support any flash drives; two Gigabit Ethernet ports deliver a high transfer speed. The button on the front panel provides one touch copy.”

Flexibility is one of the YES Box N2100's strongest suits: “The devices supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and can be configured as an iTunes server for music, the YES Community Photo web server and as an ordinary FTP server.”

For the full article, check out the December 2007 issue of Comptuterpress Magazine.

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