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Editors agree the N4100+ is “unbeatable value for money”
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12/20/2007 The N4100+, Thecus' follow up to the ground-breaking N4100, is make a name for itself as an amazing value proposition in the world of NAS. The editors at PC Expert Magazine recently had the chance to verify this first-hand in their December 2007 issue. After putting the N4100+ through some rigorous testing, PC Expert was very impressed with the unit, calling it “unbeatable value for money.”

PC Expert begins with a rundown of some of the hardware features of the N4100+: “The N4100+ from Thecus is a NAS intended for small and medium companies that not only needs storage capacity but also security and availability of their data. This box included 4 bays for SATA hard drives (hot swappable) and can be configured with RAID 0, 1, 5 and JBOD. This can reach a maximum capacity of 4 TB.”

Ease-of-setup is a major boon for users: “The setup and configuration of the N4100+ can be done very easily using a web interface, protected by a log-in and a password, since any web browser and any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix). The N4100+ is delivered with the Thecus Backup Utility for automatic backup and Nsync that manages FTP transfers. All the protocols supported allow the N4100+ to be integrated without clashes in heterogeneous environments.”

The N4100+ is a great gift idea for the media enthusiast: “For home users, the included iTunes server and the support of DLNA devices transform the N4100+ into a real media library.”

For the full review, check out the December 2007 issue of PC Expert Magazine.

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