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Class-leading 5 bay NAS snags 90% overall rating
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11/19/2007 Part of what makes a great NAS device is the ability for it to grow along with your needs. With 5 bays and eSATA capability, the N5200PRO from Thecus has expandability in spades. Putting the N5200PRO to the test this time was the folks at TweakTown, who after a batch of testing, found that the N5200PRO is indeed a class-leading NAS device. In the end, TweakTown saw it fitting to bestow the N5200PRO with their Best Performance Award and an overall rating of 90%!

Kicking things off is a little introduction to Thecus and world of NAS: “Thecus has made quite a name for itself when it comes to entry to mid-range NAS devices, it's become something of a household name all over the world in this fairly new and growing market. A NAS or Network Attached Storage device is something that's very common in one way or another for businesses to use, although some might use a file server instead. However, the home and SOHO market has really taken to NAS appliances as an affordable backup and storage solution.”

The expandability of the N5200 PRO makes it a great investment: “Investing in a NAS is a long term investment, but with the ability to start with a pair of drives and expand this into a total of five or even six if you use the eSATA interface makes the N5200 Pro a good investment. The option to add extra storage space over time is also great as you can expand it as your backup and storage needs grow.”

Here's the conclusion: “All in all, the Thecus N5200 Pro is a class leading product in a very competitive market and it's not hard to see why Thecus has such a good reputation in the NAS storage market...”

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