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03/21/2012- Thecus® has been offering High Availability (HA) functionality on its enterprise models for a while now. But it doesn't stop there just yet and keeps improving. Now with the new firmware equipped with the new quite straight forward and easy to use HA feature called EZ HA, setting up HA has become much easier helping you save time without hassle!

What is HA?

When your data isn't available, there may be employees who can't get to key files on your company NAS, partners who can't access essential updates and apps, and even customers who are forced to go to your closest competitor. To keep these disasters at bay, many tactics have been adopted to keep your data within reach as much as possible. High Availability NAS cloning (HA) brings your downtime as close to zero as possible.

When running two NAS appliances side by side, HA keeps both up to date and ready to run any and all data functions. These NAS clones automatically synchronize their contents through a “Heartbeat” connection. If one NAS has a problem, not only will you be able to fix it without data loss using the protection of RAID and other Thecus® backup methods, the healthy backup NAS will take the reins and ensure continuous data service even in the face of hardware failure. Thecus® knows that enterprise data storage cannot afford even a minute of downtime and delivers advanced, professional solutions like High Availability.


HA, available previously only on the Thecus® 16-bay N16000 and 12-bay N12000NAS, will soon also be running on the N8900. In order to get access to EZ HA function, users need to upgrade to v2.01.01 firmware. With that you will be able to benefit from EZ HA's several advantages. Firstly, you get improved configuration flow - now you won't have to set up HA on both of you identical NAS, but rather will only need to do it once on your active NAS. It then will export the settings to the other NAS itself! Secondly, you get improved re-sync time. Thirdly, you can enjoy the possibility of HA communication through 10GbE NIC.

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