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An useful yet underrated feature
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03/20/2012- If this function is widely known among IT administrators, Wake-on-LAN is not that commonly used at home. In a nutshell, it allows you to remotely start a network device. It can be very useful in many cases: after an unexpected shutdown, if you forget to start the NAS when you leave in the morning, if you are on vacation and want to check a document… Applications are endless. Wake-on-LAN is present on many network appliances and the principle is always the same. Check if your motherboard, NIC, laptop, etc. is compatible!

Configuring the NAS

Most Thecus NAS are embedding Wake-on-LAN (WoL). To verify, just have a look at the specifications. WoL is not started by default on a Thecus NAS. Why? Because sometimes it's unnecessary and since the network adapter needs to stay “awaken,” it consumes slightly more power than the normal state. To activate it, it's really easy: type “wake” in the search bar then enable WoL in the adequate page.

Sending the magic packet

To wake up the NAS, it's required to send what is called a “magic packet.” It's basically a specific request made specifically to be heard by the listening adapter. To do so, specific software is required. There are plenty of free and efficient programs, finding one is not very hard. Mobile versions are also available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and so on.

Two elements are always required: MAC number and IP address. They both can be found in the LAN1 page of the NAS. A MAC number is a unique ID number for a network device; it's formed by 6 pairs of digits/letters (from A to F). IP address is the address you enter to log into your NAS. Be careful, the IP/MAC requested have to be for the LAN1 port! Once the magic packet software has been configured, your Wake-on-LAN is ready to work!






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