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"A great bit of home entertainment infrastructure"
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11/06/2007Securing digital data is a growing concern for many users. In his Digital Life column, Editor John Davidson of the Australian Financial Review recently tested the all-star N5200 PRO from Thecus, and discovered that it is a more than capable home storage and entertainment server.

The N5200 PRO is very easy to use: "We found logging on to the Thecus to be pleasantly straightforward. The device has a little LCD screen on the front, which tells you what IP address it picked up when you plugged it into your home network. (If only all such devices had these little screens, our life would be a lot easier.) It will be a number like "", and when you go to another PC on your network and type that number in as the address in a web browser, up pops the Thecus interface. From that web page, you can control all the settings on the device in a fairly straightforward manner."

Did someone say performance? "In our tests with five drives configured to RAID 5, we found the Thecus was much faster than other file servers we've looked at, transferring data from a Mac to the Thecus at a screaming 36 megabytes per second over a gigabit Ethernet connection. Using another type of network connection the Thecus supports, known as an “iSCSI” connection, file transfers were even faster, averaging around 39 MBps, even when we were transferring thousands of tiny files an act that would often clog up a network-attached file server and slow it to a crawl."

The conclusion: "We did a lot of other tests on the Thecus, too. We won't subject you to those results – they're too tedious even for this article – except to say that the Thecus is a great bit of home entertainment infrastructure which, though expensive, will save you a lot of grief in years to come."

For the full review, check out the October 5-7, 2007 issue of Australian Financial Review.

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