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Additional security for your NAS and data
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02/24/2012- Thecus is constantly working on new ways to make NAS a more secure appliance for your data. Previously more focused on hardware innovation, the young Taiwanese company is now making its way into software development.


ElephantDrive: professional cloud backup solution

The ElephantDrive cloud backup module is designed to work for the NAS administrator and help save critical data efficiently and quickly to a secure cloud storage system. With this module installed, the selected data on the NAS will be protected and real time synchronized to the ElephantDrive cloud. Once enabled, backups continue to run in automated fashion – either scheduled or continuous – without the need for regular maintenance.

Together, Thecus and ElephantDrive bring you a simple, safe, secure, and online backup storage with the following key features.

  • Military grade encryption keeps your files safe and secure
    • Secure 128-bit SSL secures the transfer
    • Advanced 256-bit AES encryption secures the data at rest
  • Intelligent software moves your data fast
    • Innovative delivery technology accelerates transfer
    • Incremental backups process new or modified files
  • Access and share your files anytime, anywhere
    • Universal access
    • Easy and secure file sharing
  • One program to unify your data
    • Multiple devices and multiple platforms
    • Powerful administrative controls for versioning and archiving

The installation and running of the module is simple. For users without an existing ElephantDrive cloud account, an instant application through the NAS admin UI can be completed in seconds and includes a special trial offer: 50GB for free during the first month!  After this period, users can either upgrade to a premium account or continue using ElephantDrive without paying if data is kept under 2GB.

Users who wish to learn more about ElephantDrive can visit the Thecus Classroom. In the How-To section, users can find step-by-step guides as well as additional information on various features offered by Thecus NAS products.

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About ElephantDrive
ElephantDrive is a world leader in cloud-based backup, storage, and sync solutions for NAS platforms. The company was founded in 2006 and is committed to providing individuals and businesses simple but powerful tools for protecting and accessing their data. We want ordinary people to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the type of enterprise-class backup, storage, and data management that has historically only been available to big corporations, and the convenience of the latest and greatest web-based solutions.

About Thecus®
Thecus Technology Corp. specializes in Network Attached Storage and Network Video Recorder solutions. Established in 2004 with the mission of making technology that is both intuitive and ground-breaking, Thecus offers products designed to appeal to both advanced and novice users. By combining a world-class storage R&D team with a commitment to customer satisfaction, Thecus is able to adapt to the market with its innovative NAS and NVR and fulfill the storage and surveillance needs of today’s world.

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