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“By far my favourite in terms of NAS devices”
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10/15/2007The N5200 PRO from Thecus Technology continues to garner praise from hardware media and enthusiast alike. The latest review comes from aptly-named IT-Review, and after spending some quality time with the unit, IT-Review editors loved its over all functionality and design, stating that “...this is one of my favourite devices that I've ever had the pleasure of working with and it's by far my favourite in terms of NAS devices.”

Editors begin by introducing the N5200 PRO: “For the purposes of doing some serious testing with this device, I got five 500GB WD drives and installed them inside so I can do all sorts of whacky things - 0/5 configuration, multiple RAID 0 configuration, multiple RAID 1 configuration - which I left as a default thing I'm using now. Installing a hard drive in this device is as easy as 1-2-3 - just put them inside, take a couple of screws, slide the drive in, hook it up and close the keylock. Drive bays look pretty slick and in line with the whole shiny design and I've gotta say this is one really nice looking piece of hardware to have. ”

iSCSI support was a big hit with IT-Review: “I was particularly thrilled with the fact that N5200 PRO supports iSCSI which is seriously gaining ground in various security systems all over the world. In this respect, N5200PRO definitely didn't fail - it works flawlessly and I was actually pretty amazed how well it was tuned…I tried it out with various camera configuration and ended up with a setup with camera image quality cranked up to 10 (6Mbit/s) and came to realize that the maximum N5200 PRO can handle is in the 37-38 MB/s (around 300 Mbit/s) region by using iSCSI…If you cut it down to more-then-enough 800 kbit/s range, you could end up having N5200 PRO serving close to four hundred cameras, which is pretty much amazing.”

The verdict? “...this is one of my favourite devices that I've ever had the pleasure of working with and it's by far my favourite in terms of NAS devices. It's feature-packed, sits quietly in the corner, does the job...and doesn't require much space, which is another big plus. Well done, Thecus, and keep it up!”

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