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Highly effective storage server with computer-like features
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10/05/2007Introduced by network storage expert Thecus Technology, the N5200 PRO is currently the market's leading 5-bay NAS solution. Professional computer magazine ComputerDIY recently focused on this model for review, and editors praised its wealth of features to no end, awarding it with their coveted Outstanding Performance Award!

Here's ComputerDIY's introduction of the N5200 PRO: “Thecus Technology has introduced the not-often-seen 5-bay NAS with the N5200 PRO. It can accommodate five SATAII hard disks, with a maximum individual capacity of 1TB. From that viewpoint, the storage capability of the N5200 PRO is undeniably strong. Other than providing RAID 0 / 1 / 5 / 6 / 10 and JBOD, it can also allow users to configure multiple RAID modes simultaneously according to their individual needs. In addition, the N5200 PRO also offers such useful features auto-rebuild, hot-swapping, and RAID migration and expansion.”

The easy setup of the N5200 PRO also received praise from editors: “The biggest advantage of the N5200 PRO is the integrated Linux-based system. For system administrators, it allows ultimate flexibility and functionality with its built-in module support, giving the N5200 PRO an unprecedented feature list.”

For hard disk backup, the N5200 PRO offers multiple solutions: “Looking at hard disk backup tools, Thecus has also included FarStone's professional hard disk backup solution – DriveClone 3, as well as the Thecus Backup Utility.”

Here's the conclusion from ComputerDIY editors: “With its impressive computer-like features, the N5200 PRO is very well-suited for both enthusiasts and SMBs. Overall, it is an extremely functional and effective NAS system!”

For the full review, check out the October 2007 issue of ComputerDIY Magazine, Week 123.

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