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Small Details for Big Differences
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01/19/2012- The original V5 Thecus Firmware was released on March 3, 2011. Along with fixing  some previous  issues, the new V5.02.02 firmware upgrade has added features, protocol upgrades, and a bit of tweaking. The firmware upgrade will be available for all V5 compatible models.

Quick module access

With modules getting more and more important for Thecus NAS, quick access is a requirement. Now, there is the possibility to add an extra button on the login screen where you can pick the desired module and login with the proper user account. Don't forget to allow pop-ups to take full advantage of the new firmware!

The module section allows users to configure which one appear in the list. Third-party developers can also set their own icon.

Users and groups backup

Returning the NAS to its factory default is an easy operation, but it used to have one big drawback: all local users, groups and permissions (ACL) were deleted. Now, it's possible to save them on a RAID volume and restore them if needed. It's also possible to export them to another NAS.



General upgrades and tweaks

  • NFS, Samba, SSL certificates, SNMP trap, AFP, Time Zone, and FTP: all those features have been upgraded to new versions and have more options.
  • The Web UI has been slightly tweaked to be faster and includes full translation
  • Network UPS function
  • Added “Read-only” function for public folders
  • Upgrade process slightly changed and is more detailed
  • And much more, check the release notes for more details.


The N4100PRO is based on a different architecture, thus the upgrade process is different. It also benefits from a special function: you can now adjust the fan speed.

When upgrading a NAS has to be done, the process can be risky, mostly because of outside potential issues. That's why we recommend to back up your RAID before an upgrade. 

Please keep in mind that downgrades are not possible after installing a new firmware.

To get the new Firmware:

To get the release notes:

V5.02.01: here

V5.02.02: here

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