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“The perfect companion for amateur photographers”
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10/01/2007 Digital cameras have never been more popular. With people snapping away, many are looking for an easy solution to back up their filled-to-capacity memory cards quickly and easily. The YES nano N1050 from Thecus fits the bill perfectly with its on-the-go copy function. The editors from Les Numériques thought so as well, and gave the unit a 4 out of 5 star rating!

The YES nano N1050 first gets introduced by the editors: “The YES nano N1050 from Thecus is intended for 2.5" hard disks, the same ones as in laptop computers...The design of the case is rather nice with an enameled red hull and a gray aluminum face. The finish is very good and confers a feeling of quality on this model. ”

On-the-go backup was a major attraction for the editors: “This model is equipped with a particularly interesting functionality. Indeed, it is possible to copy digital memory cards, cameras or USB keys on to the hard disk without the need of a computer. With this, it is necessary to use the provided external battery. This one functions using 4 AAA cells. After powering the apparatus, it is enough to connect its peripheral USB and to press the "Copy" button. The copy then launches automatically. At the end of the copy an "Ok" indicator will be lit if everything happened correctly.”

The conclusion: “Flattering design, very good finish, original functionality, the N1050 has everything to become a "must have"...With its mobile copy function and its carrying case, this is the perfect companion for amateur photographers.”

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