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Backup your backup to avoid bad surprises
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Thecus N8900 NAS
The N8900 will be one of the first NAS
available with the Dropbox feature

01/03/2012- By popular demand, Thecus has developed a new service for their NAS: cloud backup. The principle is simple: Synchronize Thecus NAS with your own personal Dropbox account and the Dropbox folder will automatically be saved in the cloud. It's easy, transparent, fast and secure. Data is safe in both the NAS and the cloud at the same time. That way, you can enjoy the advantages of both solutions without worrying about losing data! And since Dropbox is directly embedded by the Thecus developers team, you can be sure to enjoy maximum speeds.

One more level of safety

Data is much safer within a NAS than a single hard disk. There is RAID protection, Dual DOM, advanced warnings system and so on. But sometimes, even the best machines can fail. In this case, there had better be a backup solution! And that's not all: what if a flood reaches your datacenter and your favorite Thecus NAS gets damaged? Or a burglar comes into your office and steals your precious hard drives? Not to mention the costs[1]!

That's why data can now be duplicated on a remote cloud server. Even when an accident occurs with the NAS, all your information can be retrievable from anywhere around the world!

The convenience of the cloud

Sending your files to Dropbox makes them available from any other linked computer or mobile device. Instead of carrying a USB stick to a customer that can potentially be lost, just send everything directly to your NAS and data will appear automatically on your Dropbox account.

That's only one example. Dropbox offers many other useful features: public folders, image sharing, version history, bandwidth optimization, etc. The full list is available on the Dropbox website.

The module within the UI

Local networks for speed

Even with all the advantages Dropbox has to offer, cloud storage also carries with it a couple of drawbacks. For more intensive usages and heavier files, it's faster and more affordable to use a NAS connected to your local network, without broadband bandwidth limitations. And from time to time, remote servers or internet connections can fail. “It is not difficult to create something that looks like cloud storage. It is very difficult, however, to create a cloud that is truly scalable, reliable and always available[2].

Using a hybrid solution, such as a Thecus NAS paired with Dropbox, will help prevent those issues. This new feature is now supported by Thecus on the 64-bit Firmware and will be deployed on the 32-bit Firmware in a couple of weeks. Saving essential files has never been so simple and safe!

Stay tuned for further Tech news, more third party programs will soon be compatible with Thecus NAS!

To get the module (Firmware 64-bit v2.01.00 or above required)

Compatible models: N8900V/N12000V/N16000V/N8900/N12000/N16000


To know more about Dropbox: 

  1. This study is a bit old yet very instructive
  2. Extremely useful benchmark on cloud computing services:

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