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Standout features and industry-best pricing makes the N8900 a powerful choice
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11/10/2011- A NAS is, at its heart, a simple network storage device, but with the right design it can become a versatile and powerful tool for your business. Functions like iSCSI, USB 3.0, and 10GbE are now standard on business-level NAS, so what are the features that really stand out?

HDMI NAS for Business: Creating a networking hub

NAS have traditionally only been monitored through online UIs. This is an excellent strategy because it allows for equal access from any remote location and all you need is a web browser. To expand monitoring and functional capabilities enormously, Thecus has added an HDMI output to their N8900 NAS. This gives users many immediate options, such as having a dedicated monitoring center, and many more options in the future, such as being able to run programs on the NAS just like a computer and making the N8900 able become a business HTPC.

SSD and SAS/SATA 6Gb Support: Compatibility is key

In this category of storage units, NAS are almost exclusively used in business and enterprise environments. Many companies that prize performance and speed over value and capacity adopted a SAS hard drive environment, an SSD hard drive environment, or one that is a combination of SAS, SSD, and the standard SATA. SSD support is especially important with the recent hard drive shortages, and the built-in high-speed SATA/SAS 6Gb/s controller provides yet another Thecus-exclusive function that sets the N8900 apart.

10GBASE-T: Cost effective 10 gigabit Ethernet

As storage capacities continue to grow, there is an ever-greater need for higher speeds. While many companies may want to make the jump from 1 gigabit Ethernet to 10 gigabit Ethernet to make day-to-day operations easier and faster, the high cost of switching over can be a big barrier, especially in hard economic times. Thecus's N8900 supports 10GBASE-T, a 10 gigabit Ethernet protocol that runs over tradition (RJ45) Ethernet cables that everyone has lying around the house. This means that backups and transfers take 1/10 the time and the bottleneck that is 1 gigabit Ethernet is eliminated. Cutting out the cost of expensive and fragile fiber-optic and avoiding the limitations of copper cables, 10GBASE-T is an excellent way to build a 10 gigabit environment at low cost.

Aggressive Pricing: Beating the competition in quality, function, and price

There is a lot of competition among 8-bay NAS as well as a rapidly expanding market of buyers. With an economy in flux and data needs expanding faster than ever, customers are looking for a product that, along with providing top, long-lasting quality, fills a wide range of needs at a price that can fit their budget. The N8900 benefits greatly from Thecus's engineers decades of experience in the storage industry by being able to do more for less. The N8900 offers all the features and build quality of the competition plus a slew of Thecus-exclusive additions with practical real-world application that do not exist anywhere else in the industry, all at a price far below the competition. The N8900 would be ahead of the game without a price advantage, but with one it's a clear choice.

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