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The vital communication platform predicts a major market shift towards intelligently linked devices
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10/21/2011- The Intel Embedded Development Summit (IEDS) took place on October 18th in the Taipei International Conference Center (TICC) in Taiwan. This event was an important communication platform for companies involved with Intel Embedded Intelligence, which aims to create a smarter world through intelligent technology.

The summit's other purpose was to inform and educate about various smart applications created by Intel and businesses building upon Intel technology. The results of these efforts are yet to be seen, but the tone has already been emphatically set. According to Michelle A. Tinsley, the General Manager of the Embedded Computing Division of Intel's Embedded & Communication Group, with an estimated 35 trillion gigabytes of data to be accumulated and exchanged by 2020, there is a US$3 trillion market opportunity in intelligent technology.

Current trends and future developments in the NAS and NVR industries received a great deal of attention in the topics discussed by the speakers presenting at the summit. Thecus is one of Intel's closest partners and a member of the exclusive Intel Embedded Alliance. Thecus took this chance to present two Intel-embedded VisoGuard NVR models – the 16-bay NVR160 for enterprise needs and the 2-bay NVR22 for home and small business. Fast and durable, Thecus's NVR line integrates proprietary hardware and Netavis's software, supporting the leading edge of hardware technology while offering a professional software solution that is intuitive, user-friendly, and designed with advanced functionality and data analytics for any surveillance task. All attendees of the summit were able to have a hands-on demonstration and walkthrough from Thecus NVR and NAS experts at the Thecus booth.

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