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ByTheWay was stunned by the quality of this high-end NAS
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10/19/ is one of the biggest IT website in Greece and is known for its vivid community with almost 150,000 members on their forum. They put the N4200PRO through heavy testing. The least we can say is they were very pleased by this Thecus signature product: it earned no less than three awards: “Editor's Choice”, “Value” and “Very Fast”. The author himself, Nasiulus, has been kind enough to write an English conclusion:

“Measurement and comparison with other similar products is not necessary for this device for many reasons. First of all, it has no rival in matter of cost to performance ratio. Furthermore, the N4200PRO possesses more specifications than any other NAS in the world.”

“What we need to focus on more is not comparisons and meaningless measurements, but the practicality, convenience, and whether it deserves to be bought for the paltry sum of 550 euros and how we will use such a device.”

“With defining needs we will end up in defining the value of the N4200PRO.

  • Do you have huge size files?
  • Are those files essential and can't be replaced?
  • Do you want to have a machine working 24/7 without the risk of losing files?
  • Do you fear big electricity bills?
  • Do you want to make sure to compact your business and secure your computers 100% from data loss?
  • Do not want to be a developer who manages all the above?
  • You do not want to experiment with expensive equipment to accomplish all of the above actions.

So, if any of the answer to these questions is affirmative, you can get one without a second thought! And in the last 2 weeks I have experienced it myself and, as I am writing these lines, I can say it is worth every single penny!”

In addition, they've recorded several videos of the N4200PRO in action:

See the full review (Greek) here:

For more information on the N4200PRO, check out:

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