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"The best NAS on the market, without competitors"
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08/01/2007 The N5200, with its five SATA drive bays, speedy Intel® Celeron™ M processor, various RAID options, and Thecus RouStor™ Technology, is quickly becoming a favorite among hardware enthusiasts and SMB's alike. Hardware authority Tom's Hardware recently took the N5200 for a spin. After punishing the unit with their rigorous testing, the N5200 passed with flying colors. So much in fact, that Tom's Hardware editors declared the N5200 as the best NAS on the market!

When users are trying to access their data, the last thing they want to put up with is slow transfer times. That's why the N5200 comes with a 600MHz Intel® Celeron™ M processor, 256MB of DDR RAM, and Gigabit Ethernet under the hood. The blazing performance of the N5200 really caught the attention of Tom's Hardware. During tests, the N5200 was delivering 35MB/s of throughput, while a RAID 5 array reached 30MB/s. Editors declared the N5200 as the first tested NAS that truly reaches a fileserver level of performance.

The N5200 was also designed to grow as user needs increase. Equipped with five SATA drive bays, the N5200 can accommodate a whopping 5TB of storage – plenty of room for even hardcore users. However, should more storage be required, Tom's Hardware was quick to point out that the N5200 can indeed be upgraded even further through its USB 2.0 or eSATA ports.

The conclusion: "With its high performance and big capacity, the Thecus N5200 is the best NAS on the market, without competitors."

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