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A live search menu, embedded help, and Auto Module Installation!
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09/15/2011As NAS are being adopted by more and more users, the need for a clearer and easier UI is growing. That's why Thecus's Firmware V5 UI has incorporated several new functions according to users feedback in order to allow you to use your NAS in even more convenient ways. The only thing it doesn't do is brew you a cup of joe!

The Live Search Menu: Just one click away from your answer!

Thecus NAS' functionality is expanding constantly and sometimes it can be hard to find what you need in a simple way. That's why we've created the live search menu. Just type a keyword and all relevant items in the Thecus UI will appear in a very convenient and orderly list. One click later you are already there!

The live search menu updates its search results as you type and searches through the whole UI to find what you need. You can try with some basic examples: RAID, quota, iTunes (itunes works fine as well!), module, iSCSI, and so on.

Embedded Help: Truly all in one!

Not everyone is an IT administrator, but everyone has the right to use his or her NAS properly! Some functions can be hard to understand or sometimes they can even look very scary to non-initiated users. Don't panic, you just need to click on the help button on your screen in order to display the matching help menu. In this way, when you don't know what to do or you are not sure, you can check the notes we wrote for you and do the right thing!

The help menu can remain open to walk you through each page as you navigate through the UI. Each step is meticulously spelled out to help everyone from beginners to advanced users. The help menu also incorporates its own live search menu to get you right to your answer in seconds.

Auto Module Installation: Download and manage your modules in a second.

With Firmware V5, Thecus's international community of dedicated users has been working hard on open source, convenient, and useful modules that you can download for free. We've prepared the field for them: adding, deleting, upgrading, and getting info on modules has never been easier with our brand new Auto Module Installation function.

Auto Module Installation allows you to download the latest modules directly from our server, activate and deactivate them, and access their individual functions all from the same place in the UI. This keeps your NAS doing only exactly what you want it to, no more, no less, improving performance and security.

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