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N5200 Praised for Open Source Concept and Outstanding Performance
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07/19/2007With five SATA drive bays, various RAID options, and killer performance, the Thecus N5200 has been making waves with hardware enthusiasts everywhere looking for a serious network storage solution. The folks over at recently got their hands on a review unit, and put it through the ringer. What they found was a NAS solution with outstanding performance, features, and portability – a dream come true for hardware freaks. In the end, they saw it fitting to award the N5200 with their coveted Editor's Choice Award! found that the N5200 would also be great at LAN parties: "Our Thecus N5200 had to prove itself likewise on a LAN party…The transportability is extraordinarily good. It has no external power pack, and only had to throw a power cable into the backpack. Quickly another advantage became apparent: we switch our NAS on and within one minute everything was on-line, problem-free. Plug and Play solutions at LAN parties are always desired."

So how was the performance? "It is interesting that the speed was achieved with 15 simultaneous accesses. Downloads were constant…Also here we could observe that the Celeron M could not be forced to its knees."

The conclusion: "All in all the N5200 did not disappoint us under any circumstances! The features it promises hold, the performance makes it perfect for the archiving of files, and fast processing form the icing of a solid NAS solution. Also, the support can also be seen - the firmware is improved from release to release and always brings new features and other improvements with it. Should there be problems, then either the intended Wiki can be consulted or one can be helped in the dedicated help forum on or Thecus User Group."

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