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Two great reviews from Singapore and Malaysia
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08/29/2011Hardware Magazine, an international magazine that specializes in reviews of many types of technology, got two chances to look at the N5200XXX in different countries and were dually impressed. The Malaysian and Singaporean editions both put out reviews that praised many aspects of Thecus's top-of-the-line five bay NAS and ended up awarding the N5200XXX with both a Silver and Gold award, respectively.

Here is what HWM editors had to say about the N5200XXX: “Fancy a storage box that of hard drives, and then share your media and data over your home or small office network with ease? If your answer is “yes”, Thecus just might have what you're looking for in the N5200XXX. ”

After praising the N5200XXX's functionality, HWM Malaysia went on to comment about its performance: Other than the multitude of features, the N5200XXX also has quite good overall performance….” And HWM Singapore got more details:“ In the case of benchmarking with the Intel NAS Performance Toolkit, HD Video playback and record scored 83 MB/s and 113.9 MB/s respectively, while content creation and office productivity scored 12 MB/s and 25.8 MB/s each.”

Both mention they really like one feature of N5200XXX:However, even with the front cover closed, it doesn't impede the usage of the NAS as users are still able to see the LCD display and LED indicators while the Enter, Escape, Up and Down buttons can still be used.” “ One feature we particular like is the inclusion of an LCD display, which shows little tidbits of information such as the status of the ventilation fans, as well as the IP addresses of both Ethernet interfaces.”

To sum it up, they were very impressed with the NAS: “All in all, we have to say that the Thecus N5200XXX is worthy of the XXX title as it has "Xtreme Power, Xtreme Function, and Xtreme Value.”

See the full review in the August editions of HWM Malaysia and HWM Singapore.

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