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A new Web Disk, user quota support, and 3TB HDD support
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08/25/2011- Thecus's Firmware V5 has brought many exciting features to Thecus NAS, including iOS and Android connectivity, EXT4 support, Thecus's new Piczza photo server, and new navigation and help functions in the UI. Some of these functions are flashy and exciting, and some do the grunt work of providing basic extra functionality or just get it done behind the scenes. A few more that fit into this often overlooked, but extremely important second category are the new Web Disk, user quota support, and 3TB hard drive support.

The Web Disk is an excellent way to access the files on your NAS remotely or locally. Because it goes through your web browser, it is as easy to get to as logging into the UI. Once inside, the Web Disk lets you upload files to your NAS, download files from your NAS, and reorganize the files and folders within your NAS. Everything is operated from a point-and-click user-friendly interface that gives you exactly what you need to manage your files. Simplicity is paramount.

Thecus NAS have long supported iSCSI thin provisioning, a function that allows an administrator to efficiently manage their data capacity. Because every company has different needs, Thecus is introducing user quota functionality to supplement thin provisioning and give administrators a choice in how to divvy up their disk space. With user quotas, an administrator can give each user a specified amount of space that they can use on each RAID partition. This space is monitored between multiple folders and does not apply to public folders, so users can be given both limited and unlimited space simultaneously.

Just as user quotas provide an alternative way to manage your disk space, as capacity needs increase, it is important to offer the latest in hardware support to give users freedom of choice. For many users, basic or advanced, it is important to have a lot of space to store music and photo libraries, high-definition video, and the latest games. More often than not, larger and larger files surpass limitations that seemed unreachable a few years before. This is why many people go for the biggest storage around to stave off that time as long as possible. Thecus's Firmware V5 supports 3TB disks, so a 2-bay NAS can handle up to 6TB of data, a size that even the most active digital family will have trouble filling for many years to come.

*V5 firmware comes pre-installed on all XXX series Thecus NAS.

V5 is currently available for most Thecus NAS models, check our download center for your model:

For more information on Thecus Firmware V5, check out:

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