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Thecus NAS and Thecus VisoGuard NVR demos on display for all
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Security201108/22/2011- This week's Security 2011 conference in Sydney, Australia is one of the central gathering spots for security experts from many parts of the industry, rising stars in the field, and the most exciting new security products of this increasingly digital landscape. Thecus and valued partner Altech Computers will be well represented with their VisoGuard line of network video recorders (NVR), spanning the gamut from home NVR for personal security all the way up to enterprise NVR for running a centralized multi-location security operation. Thecus's flagship NAS, the massive and powerful N16000, will also be in attendance for customers interested in large storage solutions. Thecus's NVR and NAS expert and head of PM department, Andy Liao, will also be giving a presentation entitled “Thecus NVR and Storage Solutions”, discussing the various roles that NAS and NVR play in the world today.

Theucs NVR22

The Thecus VisoGuard NVR22 for Home/Small Business Surveillance

Digital Surveillance is Changing the Security Landscape

As security becomes more important for both your home and business, the transition to digital forms of surveillance is making it ever more accessible. Thanks to products like IP cameras and NVR, surveillance is simpler than ever and usable even for first time users. These advances have also expanded the possibilities of what can be done dramatically, whether it is centralized control of a widespread network of cameras or live video analysis. It is even possible to collect data to, for example, plot the progress of your chain of stores by automatically monitoring the number of customers that enter and leave each location.

The Thecus VisoGuard NVR42 for Large Office/Chain Store Surveillance

Thecus VisoGuard NVR 

Thecus's long history of making successful high-end NAS and Netavis's experience creating industry-leading surveillance software made for an easy match. Thecus's hardware integrated with Netavis's software created VisoGuard, an NVR line that is fast, durable, and supports the leading edge of hardware technology, while offering a professional software solution that is intuitive, user-friendly, and designed with advanced functionality and data analytics for any surveillance task. A hands-on demonstration and walkthroughs from Thecus NVR and NAS experts will be available for attendees at the Thecus booth.

Visit Thecus & Altech at Security 2011, Booth # H4. 


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