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This pocket NAS crashed all stereotypes.
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08/19/2011Russia's Foxnetwork tested the N0204 miniNAS, resulting in a thorough overview, which also serves as a useful user guide. The testers identified such advantages of the device as small size, which guarantees its portability, low power consumption, affordable price, support of many different protocols including TFTP, and a wide range of practical applications for home use.

Foxnetwork was surprised to see how small the Thecus N0204 miniNAS was: “Today we got another storage device to be tested in our lab, and it crashes all existing stereotypes. The Thecus N0204 is so small and light, that it can be fit into a pocket without weighting it down. From the first glance, it may even seem that you are looking not at an adequate storage device, but rather at a regular external hard disk. But that's not the case at all.”

Thecus N0204 miniNAS  

In addition the functions offered by Thecus, users, depending on their needs, can get much more from their NAS unit: “Besides standard functions offered by the N0204 miniNAS's built-in firmware, you can get additional features by installing module extensions”. They also added: “There are many different purposes that the modules can serve – from scheduling USB backup as you wish to various download managers, video surveillance (with the help of both remote IP cameras and local cameras connected via USB), and multimedia servers”.

Foxnetwork concluded by saying that Thecus N0204 “is an unusual storage device because of its small size and low power consumption” and that “its portable nature and a wide range of functions allows users to use the device as a print server, video surveillance server, portable storage device for pictures and video recordings and of course network storage for your data”.

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