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“The N4200PRO is a fast and reliable product…The N5200XXX offers more flexibility”
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08/17/2011- Everyone knows Tom's Hardware, one of the main reference website for tech-savvy users on the Internet. The website provides a number of reviews, charts and news in order to help people make the right choice. Sometimes however, more details are required to take a decision. That's especially true when it's about the N4200PRO and N5200XXX. These two products contain similar hardware (Atom D525 and 1 GB of DDR3), but also have a lot of differences and can be used differently. That's why the Editor in Chief of Tom's Hardware Italy wrote a guide about the N5200XXX and the N4200PRO.

The Thecus N5200XXX

The N4200PRO's back panel
with the Mini-UPS
First, a small word about the NAS: “The N4200PRO is designed for small and medium enterprises. It's based on a dual-core Intel Atom (D525), with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM…A Mini-UPS allows the NAS to complete writing activities on hold and shut down safely in case of power failure…For the N5200XXX, there are 5 bays for a total of 15 terabytes, with support of RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD, and AES256 encryption data.

The backs of the both NAS reveal interesting features: “Behind are positioned four USB, one eSATA, and two LAN ports, as well as a power supply. This is the same as the N4200PRO, except for the lithium battery of the Mini-UPS which is not present on N5200XXXX.”

Let's check the benchmark part with the most interesting charts, showing that these NAS are not only great at protecting your files, but they also make an ideal media center!

After describing the NAS, benchmarking them, and analyzing their features, they end with a strong conclusion: “On balance, the Thecus N4200PRO is a fast and reliable, thanks to the built-in battery that protects from sudden power surges and blackouts. It supports 3.5-and 2.5-inch disks and is able to meet the needs of SMEs and enthusiasts. The model N5200XXX offers more storage space and flexibility.

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