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Russia's Foxnetwork is very satisfied with the device.
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08/15/2011The respected testing lab of the Russia's Foxnetwork has been known for their expertise in testing home/SOHO and SMB storage devices. But this time they decided to take a look at the Thecus 4-bay enterprise 1U4200XXXR, equipped with Intel's dual core Atom D525 and 1 GB DDR3 memory.

The review came out to be a very detailed step-by-step description of the hardware and software. Among the many strengths of the 1U4200XXXR, the review mentioned high access speeds, link aggregation and NAS stacking, the redundant power supply, an external OLED screen for quick management, resistance to network attacks, and the ability to increase functionality with the help of extension modules.

The test started with the description of the external design, then went into hardware, and covered other aspects like the web interface, SNMP service, settings, firmware upgrade, and module management.

The Thecus 1U4200XXX

As for the external design, Foxnetwork liked 1U4200XXXR's management via the external OLED screen: “…there are UP, DOWN, ENT, and Esc buttons on the external panel, which allow users to manage the device when no network is available.”

This professional storage device has functionality that makes it perfect for a business environment. For example, such functions as link aggregation and stacking are of great importance and significantly increase performance. You can stack up to 6 Thecus NAS together and get access to the accumulated storage of 72TB via the same IP address: “Stacking allows using disk space more efficiently, which is a useful function when it comes to storing lots of data”.

See the full review here:

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