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“…a well-specified, quiet NAS appliance at a low price, and a top performer as well.”
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08/08/2011PC PRO has reviewed many NAS throughout the years and, with this experience, gave Thecus's high-performance low-price 4-bay N4200Eco NAS great scores. They were impressed with the dual display design, the easy-to-use UI, and the performance boost of a new processor and faster RAM. All of this prompted PC PRO to describe the N4200Eco as “a well-specified, quiet NAS appliance at a low price, and a top performer as well”.

The dual displays look good and provide important functionality: “The front panel sports Thecus' slick OLED panel and the keypad below is for manual RAID and network configuration. A colourful display at the side has status icons for the disks, Gigabit ports and USB copy function.”

Setup takes just a few short steps and the UI is user-friendly: “The setup wizard finds the appliance on the network and provides quick access to the main web console.”

iSCSI and thin provisioning are a must for some businesses: “The N4200Eco supports IP SANs, and you decide during volume creation the amount of space to set aside for targets, which are also simple to create.”

The verdict: “The faster processor and memory made their presence felt in our real-world speed tests with drag-and-drop copies of a large video clip over Gigabit returning read and write speeds of 81MB/sec and 72MB/sec. FTP operations were slightly faster, with the FileZilla client reporting speeds of 86MB/sec and 76MB/sec. IP SANs were on the money – Iometer showed a high raw read speed of 110MB/sec for a 50GB target.”

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