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Get the speed of 10 gigabit Ethernet NOW!
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08/04/2011- With 1 gigabit Ethernet (1GbE) as the current standard in speed wherever you go, it is getting more important for data centers to be one step ahead with 10GbE to keep their services running at full speed. The cost of getting ahead of the market and purchasing next generation hardware is a formidable hurdle to overcome for any business, large or small, but all that is changing. Buying fragile fiber optic or bulky copper cables at a premium price and the expensive appropriate adapters and switches needed to build an in-house network running 10GbE used to be the only way to get this type of speed. Thecus now offers 10G Base-T Ethernet to get the speed of 10 gigabit Ethernet at a drastically lower price.

The advantages of 10G Base-T Ethernet:

  • Set up 10 gigabit Ethernet to streamline your data center and online services
  • Save money by using traditional Ethernet cables (RJ45) up to 100m in length
  • Avoid heavy investments in expensive fiber optic and copper cabling without sacrificing performance

10G Base-T Ethernet runs next-generation high speed networking over standard Ethernet cables (RJ45) with a PCI-e Ethernet card that plugs into Thecus enterprise NAS. This allows your company to make the change without a large investment in infrastructure; simply install the new device and it's ready! Get your data center prepared for the future with 10G Base-T Ethernet on Thecus enterprise NAS.

The following Thecus products support 10G Base-T:

NAS - N16000, N12000, N8900, N8800PRO, N7700PRO, N7700+, N8800+

For more information on the N16000, N12000, N8800+, N8900, and N8800PRO, visit the
Thecus Enterprise NAS home page.

For more information on the N7700PRO, go to:

For more information on the N7700+, go to:

For more information on the Thecus VisoGuard NVR, go to:

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