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“…Thecus N5200XXX is an excellent choice.”
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07/27/2011The Netherlands-based hardware-testing site, not surprisingly named Hardware.Info, put the N5200XXX through its rigorous testing process and came out very impressed. Along with the previously tested N2200XXX, it came out at the top of the speed tests and offered impressive functionality. At the end of the test they felt it necessary to give an award as well as strongly recommending the N5200XXX to both advanced home users and small businesses.

The excellent performance is the most obvious strength of the Thecus N5200XXX: “The Intel Atom D525 delivers high performance and it's easy to see in the graphs below. The actual performance in many tests is near the N2200XXX. That in itself is not surprising because it has the exact same hardware on board. But usually [the N5200XXX] does just a little bit better, so it seems that Thecus made performance improvements in the firmware…”

The functionality makes it a convenient and varsatile storage device: “The functionality at the network level is impressive. You'll find just about anything you could need in a business environment or at home. For example, Active Directory and iSCSI are supported by the NAS.”

Dual-DOM design keeps your data safe: “On the board we find two 512MB modules on an IDE port that contain the firmware. If one of the modules with the firmware fails you can always fall back on the other. This is called Dual-DOM (disk on module) by Thecus.”

Extensive connectivity brings it all together: “From the outside you can't complain about the connectivity. At the front you'll find a USB 2.0 port and four more on the back. For a quick connection to an external hard drive, there is also an eSATA bus. The network connection is via two Gigabit connections you can choose to use for different purposes. They can be used together, or can allow you to use the Thecus N5200XXX as a non-wireless router. Slots for hard drives are perfect for both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch disks and can be locked by a key.”

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