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The “Excellent Hardware” and “Performance” awards are just the beginning
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07/14/2011TweakPC has become a true expert at testing NAS over the years as this market has developed. They have taken a look at many Thecus NAS as well as competitors and therefor have a very solid basis for what defines a good NAS. Their time spent with the N5200XXX resulted in one of the most thorough reviews possible of a product that has an astoundingly massive feature list, complicated results regarding performance, and hardware that requires an expert to truly understand. TweakPC came out with a very positive impression of the N5200XXX and awarded it the “Excellent Hardware” and “Performance” awards for a well designed NAS with a good design for a low price and transfer speeds that topped the charts across innumerable tests.

Simple setup makes it perfect for experts and nubes alike: “The basic installation of the N5200 XXX is so simple that even the primates get it playing with us.”

Connectivity provides flexibility and expandability: “[The Thecus N5200XXX] not only has 5 traditional USB ports (1 front, 4 rear), but also an eSATA port and a COM  port. The eSATA port allows direct connection of an additional SATA drive and the COM port allows connecting to an older UPS. In this way the Thecus N5200XXX supports a UPS with both USB and COM-UPS.”

Great functionality is vital in a world-class NAS: “[The N5200XXX offers] an explosive variety of functions. As with many high-functioning NAS systems, the Thecus N5200XXX has a flood of classic features. Some of these features include the photo server, iTunes server, backup functions, MySQL database, web server, DLNA media servers, IP-CAM-server, download server, etc. In addition, there is [an online module archive] and users can automatically install modules (other server functions). Similar to an App Store, it lets you download the desired functions and enable or disable them.”

The Piczza! photo server makes photo management easy: “With the Piczza! Photo server module one can easily upload images to and manage them on the NAS. The images can be grouped into albums, create slideshows, and much more. It is even possible to put pictures into templates and directly upload them to the Internet.”

Mobile access is paramount in 2011: The NAS can be accessed not only locally from your home or office; Thecus currently provides an iPhone app for its NAS systems and will also supply a special Android app that lets you manage Thecus NAS, but can also access photo server, [videos, music], etc.”

The N5200XXX is a premium product at an excellent price: “Thecus leads the way with their products as the most popular mature NAS system the market has to offer. More astonishing is that this high level of quality will not even [have a marked up price]. Therefore, the present N5200XXX shows itself as a bargain in their segment and Thecus offers many other competitively priced products as well, while providing the same performance and features.”

Extremely outstanding, extremely easy, extremely thrifty: “Overall, the N5200 is XXX and an excellent latest generation NAS with really high performance…The N5200XXX offers easy operation and low power consumption.”

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